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10 Liter Founders Club - Barrel Commission

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Want to experience the making of your own aged spirit?   Become a Founders Club 10L member and you will have the opportunity to spend a full day with hands-on learning of what all goes into creating a mash and the fermentation process.  Once the mash that helped make id fermented you get the opportunity to be part of the distillation process, then filling your 10-liter barrel for aging.  Your barrel will remain onsite to age for about 10 months before it will be ready to harvest, bottle and label.  During the aging process you can periodically sample the spirit as it matures to perfection. 

To become a Founder Club 10L Member a $300.00 barrel commission is due to schedule your experience day. A balance of $395.00 is due at time of harvest, bottling and labeling.  Your total investment is $695.00 with all applicable taxes included.

Exclusive Founders Benefit

  • FREE QMD engraved Glencairn glass.
  • FREE Founders Club T-shirt.
  • 15% discount on purchases the day you join.
  • 15% discount on future tasting room purchases.
  • Priority access to our NEW spirits and swag.
  • During your birthday month stop in for an additional 5% discount on spirits.

Bonus Benefits

  •  Upon barrel aging to your satisfaction, you will receive the barrel and your bottled spirit.    
  • Exclusive tasting opportunities of new to market spirits.
  • Invitations to bottling parties, product launches and QMD events.
  • Option to Re-Charge your barrel to begin the aging process with a new spirit. *

*(Additional charges due to re-charge/harvest)