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Maple Syrup Cask Aged Whiskey Batch 2

Available:  In Stock $69.00
Batch 2 Now Available in Limited Supply!
Size: 750 ml
Not much goes better together than Maple and Whiskey. This Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Whiskey - Batch 2 entered barrel February 28th, 2020 and after 2 years it is FINALLY ready. We were given the opportunity to acquire 10 - 12 gallon barrels that were retired bourbon barrels that were then used to age maple syrup for a year. When they arrived at Quartz Mountain Distillers, we then charged these barrels with whiskey and the waiting game was on. Upon harvesting, five of the barrels were blended together and then proofed to a yummy 95 proof. Aromas of maple are present with slight maple notes throught the middle and on the finish. Do not mistake this for a sugary or syrupy dessert whiskey. This batch release of 295 bottles is in a very limited quantity and when it's gone... It's gone. Each bottle has a hand written bottle number and proof statement that creates a unique and one of a kind experience.