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QMD Straight Bourbon - Batch 2

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2023 Silver Medalist - John Barleycorn Awards
Size: 750 ml
QMD Straight Bourbon at 101 proof, aged in a Heavy Toast, 25-gallon barrel for over two years, offers a remarkable sensory experience. This meticulously crafted spirit emanates a rich and alluring aroma, boasting notes of toasted caramel, coffee, vanilla, and oak, which intertwine to create a captivating bouquet. Its deep amber hue sets the stage for a palate-pleasing journey. Upon tasting, the bourbon reveals a harmonious fusion of flavors, where the warmth of toasted oak harmonizes with the sweetness of caramel and hints of vanilla, unveiling a complex yet beautifully balanced profile. With each sip, the full-bodied nature of this bourbon is unveiled, leaving a lingering, satisfying finish that invites contemplation and appreciation of its masterful craftsmanship.